Among the many fasteners available for use in manufacturing and assembly, the button head screw stands out as a versatile choice that can enhance the strength of products while providing a smooth appearance. With a low dome-shaped head and wider bearing surface than standard socket cap screws, these fasteners are useful in various industries such as automotive assembly, engineering and fabrication, industrial equipment and electronics.

Also known as hex socket cap screws, a button head screw features a rounded top free of sharp edges for aesthetic and safety reasons. Its bulbous head allows it to withstand higher torque than other types of screws, and this extra strength can be beneficial in applications that require high levels of clamping force.

While button head socket caps are useful in many applications, it is important to keep in mind that the type of material used for the screw can have a significant impact on its performance. The best options for these fasteners include steels with corrosion resistance, shear strength and temperature tolerance.

Button head screws come in a variety of sizes, and the drive style (or drive recess) that’s used to install them can make a difference as well. Typical drive styles for these screws include slotted, Phillips, square, hex, Torx(r) and spanner.

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