Inspirational jewelry goes right back to ancient times when symbolic symbols and talismans were made that seemed to share their apparent mystical powers with the wearer. Engraved messages or stamped symbols on the jewelry carried heartfelt meanings and were intended to inspire the wearer to find personal balance, strength, peace and success.

Inspirational Rings
One of the most popular types of inspirational jewelry is engraved rings. The inscriptions are usually simple words of wisdom that speak to the soul, for example, “Joy, Hope, Love, Peace, Live, Grow, Faith, Soul, Dream” engraved on this beautiful motivational ring. Tradition has it that the words, if touched often, imbue the spirit of the wearer and bring the wearer good luck.

This inspirational ring is made of hypo-allergenic high quality stainless steel that won’t rust or tarnish. The ring band is thin, lightweight and flexible for a comfortable fit. The ring is perfect for Men and Women in sizes 6-11.

Another engraved inspirational ring is this Warrior Inspire Ring that encourages the wearer to take on life’s challenges with courage. This ring is perfect for anyone fighting against illness, such as a cancer survivor or a chemo patient. It is also a great gift for anyone who is in the front lines against a pandemic like Covid or any other emergency personnel.

From the mystical Gordian knot to the famous Irish saying of “This Too Shall Pass,” JTV has an extensive selection of inspiring spiritual rings. The collection of engraved inspirational jewelry from brands like Bella Luce, Pacific Style and Artisan Gem Collection include rings that honor different religions like Christianity and Judaism. inspirational jewelry rings