The business model behind managed it security services involves an organization retaining a third-party IT provider to monitor and manage the company’s cyber infrastructure, devices and systems. These companies are typically referred to as managed security service providers (MSSP) and offer an alternative to building in-house expertise or operating and staffing a 24-hour IT security operations center.

These vendors are generally value-added resellers that either specialize in managed IT security services or offer them as part of their overall managed IT service solutions. They utilize multiple data sources to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s current security posture and effectiveness, and then provide recommendations that help you improve.

MSSPs can help you meet compliance requirements, reduce risk and mitigate cyber threats, and enable you to focus your internal IT resources on higher-level tasks that drive business innovation forward. They can also save you money by reducing your need to hire full-time security personnel, as well as the associated costs of training, payroll and equipment.

While both managed IT services and managed it security services involve outsourcing IT-related responsibilities, an MSP can also handle non-security related duties such as network administration, system maintenance and technical support. The difference is that a managed IT security service provider specializes exclusively in cybersecurity solutions and operates from high-availability security operations centers to deliver continuous monitoring, detection and protection of your organization’s digital assets. Contact ION247 today to learn more about our managed it security services and how they can strengthen your enterprise against continuously rising cyber risks and enhance productivity and efficiency. managed it security services