If you don’t want to bleach their boiler warranty and have their boiler malfunction, annual boiler servicing is definitely something vital for you.

So as it is something you can do at any time of the year, what time would be the best?

Usually, homeowners opt for the 12-monthly interval. So if you had your boiler last serviced on a particular month, they would prefer to have the next boiler serviced on that same month, in the coming year.

So, that date might be when your boiler had undergone a repair and thereafter went for some servicing. Or when you were having an entire home renovation going on. And you thought it good to have your boiler serviced.

But if it is sometime during the winter months, it is not that wise to fix the next service date on those winter months, the next consecutive year. Summer turns out to be a better alternative that time.

Here are a few reasons, why you should better opt for the summer and not the winter months to get your boiler serviced.

Availability of Gas Engineers: From the autumn months of September, the gas engineers in the UK start getting way too busy. Boilers tend to malfunction more after the long summer break. Even, too much work overload in the cold can get them to have issues. So, as you have these engineers fixing them up, they have lesser vacant hours in their work schedules. Anyways, in the midst of such emergency breakdown calls, a boiler service job should come almost at the bottom of their priority list.

More Convenient: Of course, summer months are found to be more convenient for boiler servicing. Not only, because you have the gas engineers with more free time to avail them at your favorable time.But also because summertime is the best relaxing time for the boiler and the heating appliances. So, if you have your boiler not working for a few hours while it’s getting serviced or repaired, that would not cause you as much discomfort, as it would have been in winter.

Better Price: Usually, as the gas engineers have more free time during the warm time of the year, they often tend to give discounts on their services. So, if you opt for a boiler service in summer, that would cost you somewhere 10 to 20 pounds lesser than what it would have been in the winter months.

Get Prepared for Winter: While you get your boiler serviced in summer, you know you have your boiler inspected by a registered gas engineer. And so it is fit and ready for the cold freezing months.

As you are now busy finding out when to get your boiler serviced, you might be wondering why to rather have your boiler serviced every 12 months. Delaying your boiler service more than this time would not only invalidate your warranty but it would also damage your system more. Hidden defects in the system and sludge accumulation on the boiler parts can all take a bad shape in the due course of time if left unattended for a long. This eventually causes winter boiler breakdowns and that can cost much more hassle and money than summer boiler servicing.

Now what if you haven’t got your boiler serviced this summer? You can not wait for the next summer, as that might cross the 12-month period interval.local plumber